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Ampelografia Universale Storica Illustrata - I Vitigni del Mondo

Illustrated Historical Universal Ampelography, grape varieties from around the world

Giusi Mainardi, Stefano Raimondi Anna Schneider

L'Artistica Editrice

by (Librarian)
22 December 2013

Ampelography, the fascinating science of the wine, plays a key role in the major publishing project by L’Artistica Savigliano. The three-volume work showcases major varieties from around the world, just as international and Italian scholars saw and described them at the turn of the 20th century.

This 3-ste volume presents all of the beautiful illustrations from Pierre Viala and Victor Vermorel’s Ampélographie, Count Gallesio’s Pomona Italiana and the Ampelografia Italiana, published by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, boasting an impressive 551 large-format colour plates.

The beauty of these illustrations is complemented by texts in Italian and English that describe the morphology, viticultural characteristics, synonyms and intriguing history of each variety.

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