The Causes of Ocean Tides and their Representation
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The Causes of Ocean Tides and their Representation

Editions Le Mono


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The so-called problem of the tides has for ages engaged the attention of
observing and thinking men.
The ancients say little as to the agency whereby the moon is enabled to exert
an influence upon the waters of the globe; but winds produced by the moon,
vapors surrounding the moon and the special power of the moon to replenish
moist bodies, are severally mentioned as being the probable means...
Since it has been universally recognized that the tides result from the
attraction of the moon and sun, the popular mind has taken little interest in
the manner in which these forces operate in order to produce the tides. The
apparent hopelessness of the task has doubtless deterred many investigators
from devoting to it a full measure of their attention. In fact, as will be
shown in this book, the tide involves a number of problems, and to even
discover what these problems are requires a good knowledge of the forms, sizes
and depths of the oceans, together with a knowledge of the tide-producing
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