Cuvée Magazine n°1 : Champagne (anglais), Blended stories of wines, people, terroirs, icons, treasures, philosophies, culinary culture
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Cuvée Magazine n°1 : Champagne (anglais)

Blended stories of wines, people, terroirs, icons, treasures, philosophies, culinary culture



You are one of the first epicureans ta hold this magazine in your hands, and 1 couidn't be prouder ta have you among the flrst readers. Twa years have passed since the idea for CUVÉE flrst crossed my mmd. 1 sat in the south of France, sipped ana glass of Chablis and flipped through thestaple ofwine magazines in front of me.And couldn't beheve it was just impossible ta find something appealing to read in there.
Being a passianate epicurean myself, driven by curiasity for new places, I was looking for something ta immerse myseif in - full of personal stories and insights into a region, far beyand superficiai information, and just as far from overwhelming amounts oftechnical details. A magazine to challenge the heart, the mmd andthe soul, one that would offer a profusion of information appealing to the wine enthusiast as well as ta the connaisseur.
wandered why I had neyer come across a wine magazine that depicted the variaus wine regions in ail their respective uniqueness. I was frustrated by a camman pattern of editarial choices in many contemparary wine magazines, wfth endiess wine ratings and partial viewpoints, uninspired seasanal wine recommendations and two or three catchy cover stories ta tie it ail together. Ail of a sudden, as the steely punch of the Chablis struck my palate, I decided I shauld start writirigwhat I wished ta read myself.
The name CUVÉE was carefuliy picked ta embady the concept of magazine, offering articles ranging fram campelling portraits ta more mn-depth glances behind the scenes of thewine world. Firstandforemost, each issue draws its materiai from one location ata time, then expands on this raw materiai ta shawcase local diversity. It blends wines, grapes, styles, opinions, people, philosophies and culinary visions into a CUVÉE of one regian.
Our jaurney begins with CUVÉE Na. 1 1 Champagne. Not only has this regian been instrumental in encouraging and inspiring me ta realize this praject, but its effervescence is also synonymous with ceiebration, jay and special moments. What else cauld I have served an this special occasion of first issue?
Sa let us step right into the heart of the bubbly gold mine, ta discaver the sparkle of its curnary saul. I am very much laaking forward ta hearing yaur first impressions and thoughts on CUVÉE, and finding out whether I succeeded in taking vou alon with me on this iournev to Chamoane.
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