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WSET : Level 3 Award, Understanding Wines : Explaining style and quality (Anglais), An accompaniment to WSET Level 3 Award in Wines
Date de publication
WSET : Level 3 Award
Nombre de pages
25,5 x 20 cm
750 g

WSET : Level 3 Award
Understanding Wines : Explaining style and quality (Anglais)

An accompaniment to WSET Level 3 Award in Wines


Since the Wine & Spirit Education Trust was founded in 1 969, the world of wine has grown and developed out of all recognition. Nevertheless, despite all the change, the most interesting question remains the same; what are the factors that determine the style and quality of the wine in my glass? This book, which supports the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines, seeks to answer this question. Altogether, this programme of study is designed to enable you to develop the skills to be able to answer this question confidently no matter what the wine you encounter.
In order to be able to develop these skills it is vital that you get to grips with grape growing and winemaking. This book has a vital role to play. The sections that cover these subjects explain the key concepts and processes that are involved from budburst to bottling. This is supported by a significant number of new illustrations and pictures. Furthermore, throughout this section we place these techniques in context in order to show you how they are actually used. In particular, the chapters on winemaking offer a unique insight for a book of this size into the choices that are made in the winery.
The other chapters on individual wine producing regions and countries have been updated for this new edition. Each one focuses on the key factors that will remain constant so that you will have a core of knowledge which, when used in conjunction with the chapters on production, will mean that you will be able to explain to your friends, customers or colleagues why the wines they love taste the way they do.
I hope that you enjoy studying for the Level 3 Award in Wines and I wish you every success the examination.

Ian Harris
Cthief Executive, Wine & Spirit Education Trust
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