Cuvée, Wine Magazine n°3 (Anglais), Speciale : Champagne
Cuvée Magazine
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Cuvée, Wine Magazine n°3 (Anglais)

Speciale : Champagne

Cuvée Magazine


Get out the candles and balloons, prepare the fireworks and polish your champagne glasses — we are about to celebrate the first anniversary of our magazine!
A year ago, when our logo and the first pages of CUVEE No. .1 I Champagne first saw the light of day, I didn't have the faintest clue what its concept would be in a year's time. My mind was overflowing with creative ideas, and passion poured out of every corner of my heart when I chose the Champagne region to be the focus of the first issue. I was endlessly curious and anxious at the same time to finally find out who my audience would be and get to know all of you, and discover whether your wine passions matched the stories I had to tell. And then the journey started, and the golden-yellow issue was shipped to 27 countries way quicker than I could have wished for.
The thoughts, comments and words of encouragement flying into my mailbox from all over the world soon confirmed what I had hoped for. An international crowd of wine geeks and champagne lovers welcomed CUVEE Magazine and its colorful, open-minded world of red, white, sparkling and fortified wines, and have cheered me on ever since — not only to continue exploring new regions and bring new blends of wine stories to your glasses (for which many of you have already sent in wish lists) but also to revisit the sparkling gold mine of Champagne in a new publication.
I finally gave in to all you bubble lovers' wishes, so here we are, ending an exciting first magazine year with a first special edition. CUVEE SPECIALE I Champagne is an exquisite blend of fresh stories and new portraits of remarkable producers, and includes a delicious Champagne & Cheese special for extra sparkle.
Champagne has been pressed into a box with luxury food and extravaganza for way too long. It surely is a brilliant match with caviar, oysters and haute cuisine, yet it is so much more than just a gourmet treat for exclusive moments.
Living in the rural region of Champagne has taught me about the simple pleasure of combining local artisan products of the best quality with a glass of amazing effervescence, and out of all the culinary delights France has to offer nothing comes more easily and naturally than serving a cheese selection with a good bottle.
I hope I can inspire you to experience champagne in a new context and discover the rather unknown tastes of champagne and cheese pairings. Gather your friends around the table, leave the apron in the kitchen, and celebrate life the way the Champenois do: with cheeses full of character, champagnes full of attitude, and moments full of delicious sparkle.
Stefanie Köhler, Fonder & Chief Editor
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