Champagne (Anglais), Vine of Kings and the King of Wines
Carlton Books
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Champagne (Anglais)

Vine of Kings and the King of Wines

Carlton Books


For centuries, the glorious rolling hills of north-east France have been home to die world's most famous wine. Champagne - front that mouth-watering pop of the cork to the tingling effervescence on die tongue - is more than just a wine. It is die very essence of French joie de vivre.
For the fizz fanatic and bon viveur, Champagne: Wine of Kings and the King of Wines is a hymn of praise to this extraordinary wine, exploring how and why it became such an evocative drink. ibis richly illustrated book delves into the history of champagne, explains the way it has entranced people around the world, and recounts the stories of some of the great characters who helped to create the legend.
At die heart of the book is a tour of the Champagne region, focusing on the key players while also covering some of die lesser-known, boutique houses, grower champagnes and leading coopératives. Here you-will learn about die world famous brands, how they are made and marketed, with individual tasting notes to reveal their unique house style.
With more than 200 photographs, vintage maps, advertising artworks and items of correspondence and a sparkling, authoritative text, this is a book to delight in. Santé!
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