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Beyond Flavour : The Indispensable Handbook to Blind Wine Tasting (Anglais)
Nick Jackson (MW)
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23 x 12,5 cm
350 g

Beyond Flavour : The Indispensable Handbook to Blind Wine Tasting (Anglais)


Nick Jackson (MW)


Beyond Flavour is the first systematic approach to blind wine tasting through the lens of wine structure.
Nick Jackson offers a detailed discussion of acid structure in white wines and tannin structure in red wines as the best means of identifying varieties and origins in a blind tasting. Beyond Flavour also includes analysis of regional styles and recent vintages for classic European origins, and tips for blind tasting exams.

Beyond Flavour is an indispensable guide to blind tasting for higher level wine students (MW, MS, WSET Diploma, etc) and others seriously invested in understanding why wines faste as they do.

Nick Jackson is a Master of Wine, living in New York.

Author's presentation : I’m pleased to unveil my new book on blind wine tasting. In it, I go into detail about the key identifying features of major grape varieties and wine regions.
But do we really need another book on wine tasting?
In Beyond Flavour I try and do two things that haven’t been done before.

1) I discuss how to identify grape varieties largely through the lens of structure rather than flavour. I believe this is the first book length study with such a granular focus on acid structure in whites and tannin structure in reds.

2) With the book I target highly engaged wine lovers and higher end wine students (MW, MS, WSET Diploma etc) rather than beginners. For these students the book should be essential for their studies; for more general readers, it should open their eyes to characteristics of key varieties and regions they may not previously have considered.
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30 décembre 2020

Présentation de l'auteur

J'ai le plaisir de vous présenter mon dernier livre sur la dégustation à l'aveugle. Dans ce document, j'entre dans le détail sur les principales caractéristiques d'identification des principaux cépages et régions viticoles. Mais avons-nous vraiment besoin d'un autre livre sur ...

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