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The Wines of Burgundy (Anglais) 14th edition, Completely revised and updated (2020)
Collection Pierre Poupon
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The Wines of Burgundy (Anglais) 14th edition

Completely revised and updated (2020)

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Collection Pierre Poupon


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Its maps, its appellation files, its clear teaching aids make it the essential handbook for your initiation into the Burgundy wine world.The Wines of Burgundy with its 250,000 copies sold worldwide is the reference book on the subject. This book gives you clear and precise details that are necessary to get a good knowledge of Burgundy and Beaujolais wines. This handbook is essential reading for wine lovers, students and professionals. The vineyards, the vine growing techniques, their terroir and geographic location with maps, the wines, their appellations, the winemaking and selling process, the pleasure of tasting, the drinking know-how, the wine festivals… all this will be explained to you.As it has been regularly reedited, each edition has been thoroughly updated ensuring the reader he has the best information data security that has been unrivalled so far in any publication of this type. The vignerons-owners and the négociants-éleveurs of Burgundy consider it is the best educational guide on the subject and they warmly recommend it.This handbook that initiates the beginner into vine growing and winegrowing Burgundy is indeed an aide-mémoire that can be used everywhere: at your office, on a trip, in the cellar and on the vines.84 appellations presented in specification sheets, 8 colour maps of the region’s vineyards, 60 colour maps of the appellations, 30 tables and charts.Translated in English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean.ContentsThe Vineyards of Burgundy (Burgundy and Beaujolais)Agents of quality : grape varieties, terroir, climatic conditionsThe vine and its cultivationThe wine and its winemaking processesThe Appellations d'Origine ContrôléesThe characteristics of the appellationsProduction and tradeWine and foodWine FestivalsStatistics
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