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Inside Bordeaux, The châteaux, their wines and the terroir
Berry Brother
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Inside Bordeaux

The châteaux, their wines and the terroir


Berry Brother


Jane Anson is the Bordeaux insider.
In her comprehensive survey of over a thousand châteaux and wines, she reveals a world quite unlike the classic image of Bordeaux: one poised between starry past and exciting future. Her Bordeaux is that of the great First Growths, whose vintages she's tasted going back decades. But also the Bordeaux of the stubborn pioneers, the upstarts, the new vineyards born out of belief in neglected corners.

Jane Anson is today's leading writer on Bordeaux - an insider who lives, as well as works, there.
She knows everyone: ail the personalities who contribute to the world's largest fine wine region. From the winegrowers in effect renewing their vows to their land, to the university experts revealing to the châteaux what lies beneath their vines.

She is convinced that Bordeaux wine is being refreshed by a renewed focus on the vineyards: the way they are worked, the fine details of soil and climate, informing how, and where, the grapes are grown. To this end, Jane Anson has worked with leading experts to explore Bordeaux's landscapes. With her, we discover where warmer summers and new skills are producing surprising wines from corners that once no-one bothered with.
Sixty-one new maps, drawing on as-yet unpublished research, show us where the best terroirs are.
And Jane explains how that can help us discover the star wines of tomorrow.


Gourmand Awards 2021 - Best in the World
Best of the Best – World of Wine

Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards 2021
Shortlisted – results on 13th July 2021

André Simon Food and Drink Book Awards 2020

Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards
Wine Book 2020 – Shortlisted
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29 mai 2020

Écrit par l'auteur et critique Jane Anson, Inside Bordeaux est un guide révolutionnaire sur la région. Jane Anson a utilisé sa connaissance approfondie de Bordeaux, aux côtés de recherches récemment commandées, pour se plonger dans les vins et les vignerons ...

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