Oz Clarke On Wine (Anglais), Your Global Wine Companion
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Oz Clarke On Wine (Anglais)

Your Global Wine Companion


Academie Du Vin Library


‘He effervesces with his love for wine, eyes closed with passion, words tripping over each other in sheer, giddy joy’

‘Oz is brilliant. His knowledge of wines and sense of humour always cut to the chase’
Jamie Oliver

Oz Clarke On Wine is a fast-paced, informative and witty romp around the world of wine. Crammed with Oz’s encyclopaedic knowledge and personal tastes, it explores the grape varieties key to the world’s major wine styles, and the vineyards and regions where a vast trove of wine treasure lies waiting for discovery. Oz conjures up the wine world’s most beautiful landscapes, its zaniest characters and most elusive flavours. Always a trailblazer, Oz is passionate about sharing the implications of climate change on winemaking – here he reveals where wine is seeing its best success in our warming world.

Oz Clarke On Wine is Oz’s most personal book to date. The most unputdownable wine read this century.

Oz highlights:

The world’s best-tasting wines, from Aconcagua to Okanagan, and from Patagonia to east Yorkshire.
How climate change affects the wines we drink today, and the new wines we can expect ‘tomorrow’
The new pathway paved by Organic and Biodynamic wines, leading to a sustainable wine future
The rediscovery of local grape varieties (in their hundreds) from Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal – now waiting to challenge our tastebuds
Oz’s favourite fizz: from the delights of Dom Pérignon to England’s new darlings from Dorset and the South Downs
From budget to blue chip… Oz reveals wines for sipping and savouring now, and to age and enjoy in 10, 20 or 30-years’ time

A significantly edited and updated version of Red and White, 2018
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