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Your Good Health ! The Medicinal Benefits of Wine Drinking
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Your Good Health ! The Medicinal Benefits of Wine Drinking

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Dr E. Maury
Give us each day our daily red! YOUR GOOD HEALTH!
The Medicinal Benefits of Wine Drinking Dr E. Maury
Health experts are saying it. ..scientists are saying it... the Government is saying it: WINE IS GOOD FOR YOU! Scientific studies have shown that:
.Moderate wine drinking lowers the risk of heart disease, especially red wine which is high in fIavonoids.
.Moderate drinkers are 85 per cent less likely to catch colds than those who don't drink at all.
.Two to three glasses of sweet white wine a day are more effective than fibre at preventing constipation.
.A glass of champagne brut is the best cure for indigestion and loss of appetite.
.A glass of wine may even keep wrinkles at bay.
Dr E. Maury, a homoeopathic doctor who spent his life studying the medicinal properties of wine, was the first to provide specific guidelines for the best wines to choose for good health, and this book, the result of years of research, gives you the red and white of healthy wine drinking. From influenza (claret) to cellulite (Muscadet), from diarrhoea (Medoc) to bladder problems (Sancerre), there's a wine to suit your every need.
So take a little wine for your health's sake. Better red than dead!
ED : SOUVENIR PRESS, 13 x 21 cm, 126 pages, broché, ISBN : 0285633392
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