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Exploring Wines and Spirit
- Livre en langue etrangère -
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Exploring Wines and Spirit

- Livre en langue etrangère -

Christopher Fielden, with a foreword by Hugh Johnson
In Exploring Wines & Spirits, Christopher Fielden and the staff of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust have gathered a breadth of information on the world's wine producing countries rarely seen in one volume. From the classic and established Old World countries of France and Germany to the vibrant New World of Australia and the Americas and the newly emerging countries of Eastern Europe, each important wine and spirit producing region is examined, with styles noted and explained clearly in terms of the factors that affect their production. In the introductory chapters, such key subjects as grape growing, wine making, and tasting are addressed, establishing the important principles in a straightforward manner. The text is supported throughout with full colour maps, diagrams and photographs. Suitable for anyone with an interest in the wines and spirits of the world, Exploring Wines & Spirits is packed with information and an invaluable reference tool. It is also the required textbook for candidates preparing for the Wine & Spirit Education Trust's Advanced Certificate qualification, and follows on from its companion volume, Behind the Label, Introducing Wines and Spirits and associated beverages.
The Wine & Spirit Education Trust is the official centre of learning and recognised Awards Body of the drinks industry and the relevant sectors of the hospitality and catering industries in the United Kingdom. With a fast growing reputation internationally, its Awards are now open both to those seeking professional advancement and to the general public.
ED : WSET (2003), 15 x 23 cm, 390 pages, broche
ISBN : 0-9517936-4-0
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