Malt Whisky
- Livre en langue etrangère -
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Malt Whisky

- Livre en langue etrangère -

Charles Maclean
This fully revised and updated edition of the whisky manual is divided into five sections. Firstly it explores the history of malt whisky and what it might have tasted like in the past. Then it looks at how the whisky is made and the contribution made by each ingredient and stage in the process to the flavour of the malt product. It examines how to best appreciate and evaluate the subtleties and how to describe the aroma and flavour of whisky. The fourth section looks at the contribution made by geography to the style and character of individual malts, and the fifth section is a directory, giving a brief account of all the malt whisky distilleries operating in Scotland since World War II, with tasting notes for their products wherever possible.
Appendices provide a guide to buying whisky, including details of the leading independent bottlers, a guide to collecting whisky, details of some of the world's leading whisky clubs and websites, a list of the distilleries that welcome visitors and a substantial bibliography.
ED : MITCHELL BEAZLEY (2002), 25 x 29 cm, 176 pages, relié, ISBN : 1840006293
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