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Corkscrews of the Eighteenth Century, Artistry in Iron & Steel
- Livre en langue etrangère -
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Corkscrews of the Eighteenth Century

Artistry in Iron & Steel

- Livre en langue etrangère -

In the early 18th century the corkscrew was still a curiosity. With increasing use of the glass bottle and improved corks, a device for cork extraction became a necessity. The corkscrew evolved from a relatively simple twist of a wire to a complex instrument which offered a mechanical advantage. This book explores that progression, starting with the origin of the corkscrew. The 18th century was a glorious period of corkscrew making. Important categories are reviewed: pocket corkscrews, elegantly carved and gilded corkscrews, and corkscrews in combination with other tools and implements. The 18th century corkscrews are a legacy of beauty, grace, and charm, combined with exquisite individual craftsmanship. This book contains the results of thorough original research regarding these corkscrews and their makers. Included are the Irish cutlers: Richard Singleton, Thomas Read, and John Read. Samuel Henshall's first corkscrew patent is described along with the controversy surrounding it. Early mechanical corkscrews like the French cage, rack and pinion corkscrews, and King's Screws are also illustrated. This volume is a comprehensive work on the early iron and steel corkscrews and contains many examples illustrated in black and white and color from private collections and museums.
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