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Paléorient 47.1 - 2021
"CNRS Éditions"
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Paléorient 47.1 - 2021


"CNRS Éditions"

Revues & Series


In Memoriam
Geneviève Dollfus (1938-2020) par A.-M. Tillier, B. Vandermeersch et V. de Castéja Ofer Bar-Yosef (1937-2020) par B. Vandermeersch, L. Meignen, A.-M. Tillier et F. VallaPaul Sanlaville (1933-2021) by B. Geyer, R. Dalongeville, S. Muhesen, M. Traboulsi et É. Coqueugniot
Dossier thématique/Thematic issuecoordonné par/coordinated by F. Le Mort and A.-M. Tillier
Les populations du Proche-Orient et des régions voisines :évolution du régime alimentaire et de l'état de santé de la néolithisation au Bronze ancienThe populations of the Near East and nearby regions:evolution of diet and health status from the Neolithization to the Early Bronze Age
J. Guilaine, PréfaceA.-M. Tillier, Aspects of health status in Pre-Sedentism Populations of Southwestern Asia. Evidence from Qafzeh Site, Lower GalileeJ. Stutz, F. Bocquentin, B. Chamel and M. Anton, The Effects of Early Childhood Stress on Mortality under Neolithization in the Levant: New Perspectives on Health Disparities in the Transition to AgricultureHershkovitz, R. Sarig and H. May, Trends in Ancient Populations' Osteobiography during the Holocene: the Levantine PerspectiveChamel, Dental health status changes during the Neolithisation in Syria: a diachronic perspective (9,820-6,000 cal. BC)J. O. Baker, B. Chamel and O. Dutour, New paleopathological evidence of the presence of tuberculosis in immature skeletal remains from Tell Aswad (8,730-8,290 BC cal., Southern Syria)F. Le Mort and H. Duday, Probable Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH) in Pre-Pottery Neolithic Cyprus: Evidence from KhirokitiaY. S. Erdal, Tooth as a Tool: Activity Induced Dental Abrasion in Prehistoric AnatoliaE. Herrscher, M. Poulmarc'h, G. Palumbi, S. Paz, E. Rova, G. Gogochuri, C. Longford, M. Jalabadze,L. Bitadze, N. Vanishvili, F. Le Mort, C. Chataigner, R. Badalyan and G. André, Dietary practices, cultural and social identity in the Early Bronze Age Southern Caucasus: The case of the Kura-Araxes cultureF. Le Mort et A.-M. Tillier, Conclusion
Nakamura S., Adachi T. et Abe M. (éd.) 2019. Decades in Deserts. Essays on Near Eastern Archaeology in honour of Sumio Fujii. Tokyo : Rokuichi Syobou. 362 p. Par W. Abu-AzizehBecker J.A., von Wickeded A. (éd.) 2018. Çavi Tarlası: Identität und Kontakt am Beispiel eines spätneolithischen Fundplatzes der Ḥalaf-Zeit, I-II. Berlin: Ex oriente (Bibiliotheca Neolithica Asiae meridionalis et occidentalis). 615 p. Par E. BaudouinMajor J. 2018. Wadi Hammeh 27, Jordan Valley. Natufian Art items, a Contextual Analysis. Berlin: Ex oriente (Bibliotheca neolithica Asiae meridionalis et occidentalis). 372 p. By A. Belfer-CohenLevy J. 2020. The Genesis of the Textile Industry from Adorned Nudity to Ritual Regalia. The Changing Role of Fibre Crafts and their Evolving Techniques of Manufacture in the Ancient Near East from the Natufian to the Ghassulian. Oxford: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd. 322 p. Par C. BreniquetBaumer C. et Novák M. (éd.). 2019. Urban Cultures of Central Asia from the Bronze Age to the Karakhanids. Learnings and conclusions from new archaeological investigations and discoveries. Proceedings of the First International Congress on Central Asian Archaeology held at the University of Bern, 4-6 February 2016. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag (Schriften zur vorderasiatischen Archäologie 12). 463 p. Par H.-P. FrancfortSchachner A. 2020. Ausgrabungen in Giricano II: Die chalkolithische Siedlung von Giricano am Oberen Tigris.Turnhout: Brepols (Subartu XLIV). XX + 202 p. By B. HelwingBecker J., Beuger C. et Müller-Neuhof B. (éd.) 2019. Human iconography and symbolic meaning in Near Eastern Prehistory. Proceedings of the workshop held at 10th ICAANE in Vienna, April 2016. Vienne : Austrian Academy of Sciences (Oriental and European Archaeology 11). 246 p. Par A. Le BrunSauvage M. (éd.) 2020. Atlas historique du Proche-Orient ancien. Beirut and Paris: Institut Français du Proche- Orient and Les Belles Lettres. XVII + 208 p. By D. T. Potts
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