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WSET : Level 3 Award, Understanding sake : Explaining style and quality (Anglais), An accompaniment to WSET Level 3 Award in Sake
Wine & Spirit Education Trust
Date de publication
WSET : Level 3 Award
Nombre de pages
22,3 x 16 cm
750 g

Understanding sake : Explaining style and quality (Anglais)

An accompaniment to WSET Level 3 Award in Sake

Wine & Spirit Education Trust


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WSET has only been actively involved with the world of sake since 2013. Nevertheless Iin three years the WSET has been able to gain the support and trust of the global sake community thanks to the passion and drive of our colleagues.
However, it takes more than desire to put together a qualification such as the Level 3 Award in Sake. It takes a huge amount of researching, planning and testing. It has been a thrilling ride for our colleagues as they became immersed in the uniquely wonderful world of sake that is now starting to get the global attention it so justly deserves. The result of all this hard work is this new book Understanding sake: Explaining style and quality which we are delighted has the support of the National Research Institute of Brewing located in Saijo in Hiroshima Prefecture.
This book not only offers a very detailed and comprehensive overview of the techniques used in the production of sake - it also explains how these techniques are combined to produce the impressive array of different styles that brewers are able to tease out of a humble grain of rice. This desire to explain and get under the skin of a subject so that students can be equipped with understanding as well as knowledge is what lies at the heart of our Level 3 qualifications.
We hope that you enjoy reading this book and if you are studying for the Level 3 Award in Sake then I wish you every success in the examination.

Ian Harris
Chief Executive, Wine & Spirit Education Trust
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