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Dictionnaire gastronomique, The A-Z of French food (français-anglais), An exhaustive compilation of terms from the world of French and Belgian gastronomy, translated into English...
GdT Publication
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Dictionnaire Gastronomique
Dictionnaire gastronomique
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19 x 9 x 1 cm
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The A-Z of French food (français-anglais)

An exhaustive compilation of terms from the world of French and Belgian gastronomy, translated into English...


GdT Publication

Dictionnaire Gastronomique


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Pocket-sized gastronomic dictionary / Dictionnaire gastronomique français-anglais, format de poche

L’ouvrage de référence des professionnels de la restauration et des gastronomes.
PRATIQUE ET ÉLÉGANT : Format agenda, The A-Z of French Food se glisse dans la poche d’un veston ou dans un sac à main.
COMPLET : Du chaud-froid de volaille au saumon à l’unilatéral, en passant par les fromages et les desserts, tous les plats, les modes de préparation et les ingrédients sont répertoriés par ordre alphabétique, traduits et commentés en anglais.
ÉRUDIT ET DIVERTISSANT : Comment traduire en anglais matelote d’anguille, vin madérisé, farigoule ? Qu’est-ce qu’un communard, une chaudrée ? Connaissez-vous la petite histoire du homard thermidor, l’origine du mot bistrot, le style nouille ? La gastronomie française fourmille d’histoires et d’anecdotes que vous découvrirez au fil des mots.

Un décodeur de menus en français et en anglais. Une mine d’informations pratiques, culturelles et divertissantes pour détendre avec esprit l’atmosphère des repas d’affaires.


Pocket-sized Gastronomic Dictionary, French-English
A highly recommended French culinary guide and dictionary by David Lebovitz

The A-Z of French Food

The first descriptive French-English dictionary
of gastronomic terms
of gastronomic terms
Menu decoder and guide to French gastronomy,
history and culture, The A-Z of French Food
invites you into the world of French “art de vivre”.

ELEGANT AND EASY-TO-USE. Slim and with a flexible cover that makes it easy to slip into pocket or purse, “The A-Z of French Food” is the handiest portable French-to-English food and wine dictionary.

EXHAUSTIVE. Its 144 pages of alphabetical listings translate and comment not only on ingredients but preparations, garnishes, cheeses and wines.

ENTERTAINING. What is a communard? A potage à la jambe de bois? The nouille-style? What is the origin of the words bistrot or restaurant? What was Louis XIV’s favourite snack? “The A-Z of French Food” includes history, lore and metaphorical usages that give insights into the French language and psyche.

The A-Z of French Food is :

A great travel companion
An indispensable aid for the home chef trying to use
a French cookbook
An original and useful corporate gift
A reference book for cooking schools

The A-Z of French Food is recommended by AA City Guide, Paris.

Discounts and book covers customized with a corporate logo
are available for quantity orders. For futher information,
click here to contact us.

What the foreign press says ...

LA PRESSE, Montréal: “C’est un drôle de petit livre, à la fois sérieux et amusant. Un livre de renseignements pratiques, mais aussi de culture. Ecrit pour les anglophones, il dépannera plus d’un francophone”.

VOGUE, Australie: “This descriptive dictionary is the very best to come along. The 4.000-plus entries include many modern cuisine terms not found in other glossaries and is rich in historical explanations”.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: “Now English-speakers, too, can dine in French. The A-Z of French Food, a slim pocket-size book, is probably the most complete French menu translator available. Many entries – like the names of fish and shellfish and cuts of meat – are not found in typical pocket-size general dictionaries. They are particularly useful for tourists who want to know the difference between a Belon oyster and a Marennes when encountered on a menu. Accurate and concise culinary definitions are given, along with some historical information and anecdotes. Wine terms are included. Popular and slang expressions that include food terms have also been slipped in”.

THE WASHINGTON POST: “A help to anyone looking up perplexing culinary terms, whether encountered in a cookbook, in a gourmet food store, or on a menu”.

MIMI SHERATON’S TASTE: “A miracle of compact completeness”.

FRANCE-USA CONTACT: “Don’t enter a French restaurant without it !”.

BOSTON SUNDAY HERALD: “Those informal café-bars covering the sidewalks of France derived their name from the rumbling stomachs of Russian Cossacks who occupied Paris in 1814. They demanded speedy service by shouting ‘bistro!’ – the Russian word for quick. That is just one of many interesting nuggets of information in the 144-page pocket-size guide, The A-Z of French Food”.

THE HARTFORD COURANT: “For anyone who has ever struggled with the wording of a French menu, there is help”.

THE MORNING NEWS TRIBUNE, Chicago: “Eating out in French restaurants can be a challenge, especially if the owners have neglected to translate the menu to English. But now you can simply whip out The A-Z of French Food, a dictionary that is one of the most complete lists of French foods in a pocket-size. Leafing through the book, you will also learn the origin of Cordon-Bleu, the story of the homard thermidor or the use of a sauce Robert…”.

MDÜ (Mitteilungen für Dolmetscher und Übersetzer, Deutschland): “Das handliche Büchlein bringt in alphabetischer Ordnung ca. 4.000 Stichwörter von gastronomischen und küchentechnischen Begriffen. Die gebrachten Übersetzungen und Erklärungen lassen durchweg keine Wünsche offen. Sie sind richtig, exakt, kurz und bündig. Viele Fachbegriffe werden durch anekdotische Anmerkungen und Angaben über die Herkunft der Begriffe aufgelockert”.
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