What is the Text Encoding Initiative?, How to add intelligent markup to digital resources
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What is the Text Encoding Initiative?

How to add intelligent markup to digital resources

OpenEdition Press

Encyclopédie numérique


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The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines have long been regarded as the
de facto standard for the preparation of digital textual resources in the
scholarly research community. For the beginner, they offer a daunting range of
possibilities, reflecting the huge range of potential applications for text
encoding, from traditional scholarly editions, to language corpora, historical
lexicons, digital archives and beyond. Drawing on many examples of TEI-encoded
text from a variety of research domains, this simple and straightforward book
is intended to help the beginner make their own choices from the full range of
TEI options. It explains the XML technology used by the TEI in language
accessible to the non-technical reader and provides a guided tour of the many
parts of the TEI universe, and how it may be customized to suit an individual
project’s needs. This work has been produced with the support of Labex Hastec.
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