5, Drops of God, New World (Anglais)
Vertical Inc.
Date de publication
Drops of God (5)
Nombre de pages
17 x 12 cm
350 g

5 - Drops of God

New World (Anglais)


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Vertical Inc.


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Finally available in English: the award-winning comic about wine that has been a hit not just all over Asia but also in France! Learn about legendary bottles as well as affordable secrets while enjoying a page-turner that’s not about superheroes but people with jobs to keep. When world-renowned wine critic Kanzaki passes away, his will reveals that his fortune of a wine collection isn’t bequeathed as a matter of course to his only son, who in a snub went to work sales at a beer company. To come into the inheritance, Shizuku must identify—in competition with a stellar young critic—twelve heaven-sent wines whose impressions the will describes in flowing terms…

Tadashi Agi is the pen name used by the best-selling brother and sister duo Shin and Yuko Kibayashi. Veteran writers, the Kibayashis debuted on the Japanese scene with the award-winning and best-selling comic series Kindaichi’s Case Files. Agi’s next hit was the series GetBackers, which would cement the pair as Japan’s most innovative thriller/mystery writers of the early part of the new century. The Kibayashi siblings are also highly regarded wine enthusiasts who were also voted one of Decanter magazine’s 50 most influential people in the wine industry in 2009. They have been interviewed by the New York Times, CNN, and Wine Aficionado regarding global wine trends.

Shu Okimoto is a veteran comic illustrator and book jacket designer.
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