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Affiche Wine Map of Italy
De Long Company
300 g

Affiche Wine Map of Italy

De Long Company


No wine producing country - not even the great France - can rival Italy in its vast diversity of wine styles, grape varieties and geography. Wine is so intertwined with the life and land of Italy that it is popularly considered one giant vineyard. Indeed, the ancient Greeks called their Italian colonies Oenotria, the land of wine.

This is the first comprehensive wine map of Italy ever produced. It Includes all wine regions in Italy as well as adjacent wine regions in France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and Tunisia. It also includes detailed maps of Piedmont DOCs, DOCGs and Chianti subzones.

24 by 36 inches, expertly printed on heavyweight acid-free archival paper.

Includes 8 page index booklet.

First Published: July 2010

Latest Edition: October 2015
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